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Concerned About Your Child?

Is your child having difficulty learning to read, spell, write or do math?
Does she need extra help with specific 
Are his grades poor even though he works hard? 

Are her study methods ineffective?
Does he have trouble organizing school materials and managing his time?
Can she problem solve and advocate for herself?

Has he been diagnosed with a learning disability or other learning problem?
Does she show symptoms of ADD/ADHD?
Is he dealing with Asperger’s or other spectrum disorder?

Are his emotional or behavioral problems interfering with school?
Does she have trouble negotiating the social aspects of school?
Are frustrations at school starting to cause problems at home?

Have you been spending a great deal of time helping him with schoolwork? 
Do you need some direction in determining what kind of help she needs?
Are you unsure of how to approach your child’s school?

Exceptional Learning Solutions provides personalized educational therapy services for children, adolescents and adults.  

I Can Help.

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